Shows - Complètement à la rue
Show for a clumsy clown and his facetious dog


In a warm and direct relation with the spectators, nearer to the world of fairground art «  complètement à la rue  » is a funny show for a large family public, from youngest to oldest: circus without a tent, music hall without glitter, a clown without his red nose, with drum and trumpet!


It’s the story of a man and his dog who present a show.

A clown and his partner. A rebel and an undisciplined.

There is little chance that the show will run as expected.

What is certain is that there will be a Viennese waltz, a Turkish march and even a death somersault with a fire circle!

A musical show with a disobedient, but talented dog and his very clumsy master.


Created in 2010 and presented more than 200 times in French, in English and in Spanish this show is at its place both in the street and in a hall. Bébert is a small dog and he suffers when it’s too hot: if outside the best places for the show are in the shade, for example under trees in a park.



Duration of the show: 40 min

Short version: 20 min


 Photo credits : Licence CC  &  Claire Lamri
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