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Entre tradition banquiste et clown contemporain, résolument vintage,  
le nouveau spectacle de Lolo Cousins. De la virtuosité, des prouesses, de l'impro et surtout des rires !
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Plus qu'un numéro de cirque : un clown et son chien dans un spectacle pour tous les publics
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Entre canular et mystification... 
Une vraie fausse équipe de vidéastes 
vient filmer un reportage chez vous !
CIRCUS & music-hall
With many years in theatre and circus, his talents of actor and improvisation will give rhythm and humor to your evening or any type of event. Brief introductions, short sketches or bigger circus tricks, as Mr Loyal, as Master of ceremonies or as a clown, he will meet your needs at best.
Former pupil of National Circus Scholl of Annie Frattellini, before beeing a clown, he's formed as juggler, Three, five and seven balls, tumble and balance of bowler hats: specialist of bouncing balls and hats juggling, his circus act is always rich of skills and humor.
A short circus performance full of rythm, humor, skills and talent. Obviously Bébert the prankster dog won't obey but will be facetious. His master Lolo will be clumsy, touchy and most often completly ineffectual. A circus act for all publics and all places.  
8 minutes of laught and dog (dis)obedience.

A clown who juggles... or a juggler who makes the clown ?
After having studied at the circus school of Annie Fratellini he soon started his career as an artist. Juggler, acrobat, animal trainer he takes part in a number of artistic adventures in circuses and street theatres: Le Palais des Merveilles (Marvels Palace) by Jules Cordière, the National Circus School of Annie Fratellini and Pierre Etaix, the Grand Celeste Circus, Les Frères Karaques (The Karaques Brothers)… 
In 1985, he takes part in the creation of the famous circus « ARCHAOS » of which he will be an active member during the first four years of the company. He leaves this adventure for more personal reasons than artistic… 
In 1991, with Julot and René he creates « LES COUSINS », a small family enterprise in which the three accomplices revisit the art of clown without denying their circus and street performer origins. One foot in tradition, the other one in renewal, they travel around the world with their programs for about twenty years. 
In 2010, Lolo put this collaboration into brackets to start a « one clown show » with his little dog, Bébert, with whom he delights street theatre festivals.

Being also a theatre director, he wrote and ensured the stage direction of "On choisit pas sa famille" of "La Famille Morallès".
For POL Cie, he helps write an set the stage direction of 
" Tout peut encore s'arranger ... même mal ! " (« All can still be settled… even badly! »), a Show of fairground magic.
Since 2009, he works in Lyon as a clown in hospitals with the association "Docteur Clown".  
In 2013 after 22 years of work with « Les Cousins », Lolo creates his own company to continue his artistic adventures…
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