Shows - "A great skilled team"
A not usual video shooting

A video team comes to your place, in your enterprise or in your seminary to film your event

Little by little things go astray, get out of control, skid. The assistant of the producer, Jean-Pierre, adds blunder to clumsiness. He makes one smile and slowly takes more and more space: one laughs and sometimes gets irritated. The relations between the producer and his assistant get tenser and the public cannot but take sides. To such a point that the public tries to hide his laughs not to upset our two stooges.

In the succession and the sudden new developments of the situations, our two «  professionals  » will trigger a real movement of sympathy.

This show/report in which the participants are also the actors is essentially a mean to make people laugh and surprise them. (A) real hoax, most of the participants only understand the trickery when the team decides to reveal it. The aim is not to trick the public but to create emotions and impulses thus allowing, for instance to undo tense situations within a group or to bring back speech when it has become rare. But most of all it is a real comic performance of which the public comes out in high spirits.

The filming crew is made up of three people:

-A genuine cameraman who insures the technical part of the shooting so that we can give you a real film of the event

-An actor-technician who masters perfectly well the video framing. This will enable a real credibility in the acting and a complete video by two cameras.

-An actor who plays the role of the assistant soundman the clumsiness of whom will go crescendo.


The performance will be prepared before hand with you and we shall write a scenario, which will then be used as a framework. We prepare a series of «  situations  » which we then exploit in the course of the shooting. It can last from two hours to more than a day. You will then get the film in DVD form some days after the «  show report  ». We can also put the film on Internet for private visualisation and downloading. We can also organise a film screening with all the participants.



« The great skilled team » is an adaptable theatrical proposition. This kind of theatrical improvisation is perfect for corporate seminar, debate, symposium, conference or round-table. It will strengthen your team's cohesion, create audience's reaction and set group comunication in motion. But most of all it is a real comic performance of which the public comes out in high spirits.